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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Post-Holiday Blues:(

So the party's over. The eggnog has been drunk, the needles on the Christmas tree are starting to stiffen,  you're wondering what to do with all of those damn candy canes and, if you were one of the lucky ones not snowed in, you're trying to find space for all of the goodies that Santa left for you. The day after Christmas is always a bit of a letdown because, really, Christmas is all about anticipation. I remember that old Heinz ketchup commercial where the camera is fixed on a bottle of the gooey red stuff and, as Carly Simon's "Anticipation" plays in the background, we all stare, transfixed, awaiting the arrival of the precious drop of ketchup. It's, seriously, the longest 60 seconds!

The Christmas build-up starts around Halloween, and by the time we get to December 1st and see the growing stack of Eddie Bauer and L.L. Bean catalogues on the family room floor, you wonder if December 25th can come any sooner.  

Anticipation is one of the more seductive emotions. Yes, I said seductive. It's this delicious tension that results as a by-product of waiting and fulfillment. We've all waited for some big thing: that first kiss, the big job offer, the walk down the aisle, the birth of a baby. And that waiting is pregnant with possibility and every wild imagining. But what about the moment after the BIG MOMENT?

Once the tension of waiting is broken, what to do next? How do you deal with the emptiness that results when your One Shining Moment limps to conclusion?  Well, since you asked, here are a few simple suggestions:
  1. Start a new project - One of the most time-worn, post-holiday projects is the diet/fitness/weight loss military industrial complex. Why do you think those Jennifer Hudson/Weight Watchers commercials have increased ten fold in the past few days?? I know, it's so un-original as to be cliche, but it'll keep you busy and, with each drop of a pants size, you'll be able to celebrate each inch of success with a "Pretty Woman" style revenge-shopping spree at all of the boutiques that gave you the stink-eye when you were a larger size!
  2. Share those holiday photos - Chances are that if you're feeling a little post-holiday depression, then other people may be feeling it, too. So release those photos from your camera's SD card and let your friends and family relive those magic moments. Bonus points if you leave the embarrassing pics off of your Facebook page!!
  3. Leave your Christmas lights up - There's something so festive about watching the dazzling display of Christmas lights, so why take them down just because it's January 1st?? In my household, we've been known to leave our Christmas lights up and on until May. And if it ticks off your neighbors or home owners association, well, just tell them you wanted to beat the rush for next year. And, speaking of next year...
  4. Start shopping for next year - The days after Christmas are way better than Black Friday if you're looking for good retail karma. You've just been with your relatives so you've been able to focus group test their reactions to this year's loot. Also, by the time Christmas rolls around next year, they'll have forgotten what was in stores this year and they'll be thrilled that you remember their tastes so well. You'll amaze them by your super-durable, heavy weave wrapping paper, purchased at 75% off from the Container Store post-Christmas sale. Just remember to store everything discretely and you can savor all year long the anticipation of how much they'll love everything on December 25, 2011!
Remember, sometimes the feeling of wanting what you want is better than getting what you want. I'm just saying:)

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