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Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 - Good Riddance!

Before you break out the collard greens, black eyed peas, and steak, and strike up the band to sing, "Auld lang syne," it's time to wrap up 2010 in true I'm Just Saying style with the list of things we'd love to bid a not-so-fond farewell to. Here we go:
  1. Lady Gaga - take your cold cuts and get thee gone!
  2. Vampires
  3. Jeggings
  4. Late night TV talk show host feuds
  5. Teen pregnancy as a stepping stone to celebrity and fame
  6. Extreme airport frisking that becomes frisky
  7. Justin Bieber haircuts on anyone not named Justin Bieber
  8. Disney teen idols checking into rehab
  9. Disney teen idols taking hits of questionable substances
  10. Glee
  11. Matthew Morrison from Glee
  12. Jack Black
  13. Johnny Depp in EVERYTHING
  14. Minute to Win It
  15. Ace of Cakes
  16. Hoodies on men aged 50 and over (unless you're actually doing an outdoor sport)
  17. The term cougar
  18. Black Eyed Peas - Take your Dirty Bits and leave the Dirty Dancing alone, thank you!
  19. Vodka made by rap stars
  20. Jessica Simpson
  21. Celebrity couples starring in reality shows about their married life
  22. The Kardashians
  23. "Leaked" sex tapes
  24. John Mayer as romantic Lothario (real gentlemen don't put their ladies' business in the street, or on the Tweet!)
  25. Ignorance
  26. Calling women past the age of 30, "girls"
  27. Bro/brother as term of affection
  28. Bromance to describe said affection
  29. American actors with pretentious/odd Euro-Brit accents
  30. Team [fill in name here] - this includes Team Jill, Team NeNe, etc.
  31. Texting while driving
  32. Texting while walking
  33. Botox parties
  34. Tyler Perry EVERYWHERE and in EVERYTHING
  35. Professional athletes cheating on their spouses
  36. Dudamel as classical music's savior - he's just one guy so give him a break, already!
  37. Susan Boyle
  38. Commercials with defecating cartoon bears
  39. Baby diapers and training pants that look like blue jeans
  40. Ke$ha
  41. The Jersey Shore (the show, of course!! Jersey Shore the place - I got nothing but love for you:)
  42. Sexting
  43. Saturday Night Live's Fred Armisen as President Obama
  44. LOL!
  45. Kanye West
  46. Adoration of the 1980s
  47. Game night
  48. Celebrity chefs
  49. Bullying
  50. Blaming everyone without doing anything! - You can't wait around for Brad and Angelina to save the world for you!!
Have your own list of things to bid adieu to for 2010? Well, let's hear it!

Happy New Year and welcome 2011!!

I'm Just Saying:)

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