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Monday, January 3, 2011


As the ball dropped, or the Snooki, if you were so inclined, kicking 2010 out into the cold, a lot of us also said goodbye to that end of the year oasis called the holidays. Those two weeks have become our salvation - a time for sleep, catching up with friends, and taking things more slowly. But, as I lay staring at yet another awful '80s movie playing on cable, I knew not only that every day put me one day closer to the end of my vacation, but that, in a way, I was looking forward to the return of my routine. Now, I'm not a masochist by nature, but an excess of anything pleasurable can be, well, excessive!

During my typical work week, there's a ritualistic order to everything - make coffee, read emails, meet with clients, do conference calls, complete projects. It all zips along at a comfortable and familiar hum until I look up and the day is done! But the days during vacation seem to be made of taffy - stretching out, and seeming to lengthen beyond their 24 hours. In place of checking things off of my to-do list, I found myself in a state of indecision and confusion at 11am in my pyjamas as Hoda and Kathie Lee were signing off, wondering what the day's date was and having an internal negotiation as to whether showering before breakfast could be called "optional."

So now, here I am, Day One of my return to work and to a reality filled, once again, with a continuous loop of email messages, church meetings, volunteer commitments, and me, wondering, once again, just when, exactly, the next vacation will be!

I'm just saying!

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