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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The State of This Union

In a couple of weeks, the President will deliver his State of the Union address from the House chamber. And while I'm sure that his speechwriters are working overtime in preparation, I suspect that there are some topics that won't be covered. So, here, now, is the I'm Just Saying edition of the State of our earthly Union:

  • We are a world without turn signals, doing what we want when we want, and changing direction without thought to those around us;
  • We are a world where we ask forgiveness and not permission;
  • We are a world for whom it is always our turn;
  • We are a world where it's always about me - unless, of course it's a criticism, in which case it's either wrong or it's meant for someone else;
  • We are a world in which we've abandoned "please" and "thank you" and eye contact and kind greetings to passersby on sidewalks/subway cars/supermarket aisles;
  • We are a world where we all save seats, but never give up seats for someone in need of one;
  • We are a world of tiny, little tribes shouting "me! me! me!" from the granite counter islands of our perfect kitchens;
  • We are a world where WTF and LMAO are considered witty banter;
  • We are a world where the thumbs are mightier than the pen;
  • We are a world where plasma isn't just blood, and where a tablet isn't a pill to be swallowed, but a handheld electronic entertainment multiplex;
  • We are a world where weaponized words are used to draw blood, and are then surprised when actual blood is shed;
  • We are a world of bravery where ordinary people stand up to people with guns;
  • We are a world of goodness where we nurse the injured, heal the sick, and hold the hands of the dying;
  • We are a world of abundance where we share what we have with those in need, no matter how little we may have;
  • We are a world of comfort, even to strangers, in times of sorrow.
In short, we are a world imperfect and on the brink, but on the brink of what? A world on the brink of war can also be on the brink of peace. A world on the brink of violence can right itself and turn towards logic and compassion. If you believe that evil roams this Earth, then you must also believe that goodness strides beside it. The state of this union can only be as good as we strive to be, but you can't just hope that it's good, you have to work to make it good.

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